Monday, February 7, 2011

Missed Chance

Sometimes in my life there are moments that define the outcome of the day. I should have gone fishing today. Upper thirties and overcast with slight rain pushing around. Snow and ice should flush out of some of the mountain free stone streams of Western PA. The bigger rivers have seen a pretty good jump gage height. The small streams of the Laurel Highlands would have been a good target for my fishing. But, I just needed the sleep.

I'm sure many other Western PA'ers needed sleep today but for a different reason than I. They drank too many beers and got mad when the Steelers lost the Super Bowl. I found the game to be rather poor but the entire season to be a special one. I'm going to blame Jerry Jones. Good thing Pittsburgh has a great hockey club.

I'm throwing in the towel for the day and having a beer in the shower. I promise a fishing report in next weekend. Its a half-full kinda day.


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