Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Creek, Centre County, 2/13/11

Managed a two-night trip north to Dubois, PA. Spent Sunday 2/13/11 on Centre Co.’s famous Spring Creek. The forecasted weather showed a high temp. Near 40 with overcast skies. I just thought about snowmelt and how it might affect the water. I thought it best to get in some fishing before the day started to warm, so I managed to get up early and haul east. The truck rang nicely with the tunes of Greensky Bluegrass as I sped east across I-80. That drive always grants me the opportunity to slug coffee and eat oat bars. It also gives me the time to focus on the task of fishing. Where to start? What flies to use? Do I need beer? I’m going to be hungry again soon? Will there be an asshole in my spot? Do I need beer?

I decided on Deer Creek Lane as the first fishing spot for the day. Brian, George and I all got into fish early back in December on this stretch of water. I was fishing alone and had the stretch to myself for several hours. I lost a little rainbow within the first few minute of fishing. I quickly damned the heavens for the lost fish but was quick to smile and breath deep. I promptly landed a few hungry brown trout in the riffles on sz 18 flashback d-rib BWO nymphs.

I walked the bank of the stretch, through a foot of hard snow pack, for the next few hours. I was grinning wildly with the excitement of being back on Spring Creek. I began sight nymph but had little luck finding trout. The fish seemed to be holding tight to the bank. I guess I landed 6 trout in a few hours of fishing. It started getting warm, and I could feel the once hard snow getting sloppy.

My fix of trout was resolved with the mornings fishing. I wanted to change scenery and moved downstream to the “toothbrush hole”. The parking lot had a few cars. I got out and glanced around while munching an apple. A fellow angler appeared in the lot and I decided it was time again to fish. He wanted the lowdown on the days fishing and I gave him a smile with some weird fishing logic. I went downstream and he went up. I found a grove of evergreen trees and decided to just sit in the snow on the banks of the creek amongst the pines and trout. This meditation wore of I was wanted to get another trout in hand before turning home. I feel on my back, gave the sky a look, and got up to fish. I landed one little brown trout before heading back to Dubois for a hot shower and a beer.


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