Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everbody Must Get Stoned

Just into the month of February and there are reports of hatched little back stoneflies on southwestern PA trout streams in the Laurel Highlands. These flies are really interesting, but tiny in the winter (size of a dime).

(The larger of the three bugs is the Capnidae the other two are midges)

These guys stick out like a sore thumb against the snow and ice.

Well I can't take off and fish just yet. So, I did the next best thing possible for old beertrout and tied a few flies. No many patterns emerged from an internet search, so I started creating my own. I ended up looking at actual photos and thinking an all black ausable skunk type fly would fish well. So I set off creating what is know known to me as the "MIO Skunk".

The Au Sable Skunk is a well known pattern in Michigan
I had to deviate slightly from the traditional pattern due to material constraints.

MIO Skunk

Hook: sz 16 TMC 100

Thread: 8/0 Black Uni

Tail: black moose mane hairs

Body: black dub

Wing: Hi-Viz Ant Body
            black swiss straw

Legs: black rubber
(add hackle is you got it)

I am hopeful that soon enough I can venture out and try the MIO Skunk on some PA trout.


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