Monday, April 25, 2011

1st Camping Trip for 2011

Few days late in writing, but was fortunate enough to have Good Friday off work. A crew of four was arranged to going fish and camp somewhere in the north-central region of PA. The big streams were blown to hell throughout the state, so the attention of fishing switched from Mayfly hatches to small streams. The biggest problem was determining in what region we could find a low key campsite and find a trout stream. Tionesta in the Allegheny Nation Forest became the target as three guys pilled into a minivan to head towards the ANF.

We pulled into the spot and had the tent up before midnight. It was easy to tell just from the drive up that it was going to be a cold night in the forest. Beers were cracked as the fire kicked into life. An amazingly clear sky lead to intense star gazing the led to several shooting-star sightings. Scotch was liberated from the car as the night grew darker. After failed attempts of cooking on the fire's coals it was time to sleep.

Woke up to near freezing temps and the sound of a pistol being fired. I knew who was shooting and laughed at my fortune. The tent was empty and cold. I stumbled around getting my bearings and recovering warmth beside the fire. As I relaxed around the fire with the guys it began to snow. It was decided that one night was enough camping. There is a stream down the road and through the forest from the camping site. It's Stream X and I can only say that is does have at least one wild brook trout in it.


Friday, April 15, 2011

If I had a boat


There was an add on paflyfish for an eight foot Bucks Bag pontoon boat. The photos intrigued me enough to e-mail the seller with the few questions I had. There was an obvious patch on the back of the right pontoon and it looked low on air. Also I wanted to see how much money the seller would take for the boat.

These are the photos that were attached to the add:

I have been wanting a boat of my own ever since grade school.  The price was good on this pontoon boat, so I ran up to Jamestown, PA today and got the thing. It's currently in the back of the truck half full of air and waiting to get out on the water. I'm heading for the weekend to a lake that is rumored to have small northern pike along with bass..


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burgers and Beer

I purchased a pound of bacon and bleu cheese beef burger from Whole Foods a few days ago and cooked it up on the stovetop  tonight. Victory puts out a very high quality beer and I'm glad to see that they are from PA. Their Headwaters Pale Ale has been a favorite of mine for the past four days. Tonight marked the end of those beers. Luckily some of it made its way in the pan of bubbling beer burger.

On a fishing note, I talked to my old boss, josh, who was working a nice rainbow on the Fall River in Oregon. He was nymphing caddis larvae on a long upstream cast with no luck. From research the Fall stream that a good angler will get skunked at. This stream feed stream is located about 23 miles south of Bend, Oregon and is 5 minutes from josh's house. My story was about yesterdays run to Bear Run, while his was about pulling 15' 'bows from a stream that "is as clear as an aquarium". He watched that fish move to eat while we were on the phone and asked for advice. My first thought was if he had an indicator on. no. Well my only advice was to try harder. He said they had BWO's hatching all winter. Well, I'm thinking that this day next year I should be fishing the Fall River in Oregon. cheers, josh.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Falling Water


The forecast of thunderstorms loomed through my mind as I was making my weekend fishing plans. Sunday was absolutely the most beautiful day of the year. But I slept in Sunday, and then drank beer all day. Monday was looking like my only chance to redeem a missed chance. Thunderstorms with heavy wind were predicted to hit the town of Mill Run, PA at 11am. I rolled out of bed at 8am and went straight for the truck to head south. The steady wind that hit me as I left the apartment made the day feel light, but I knew that I would have to fish the 3wt and probably wouldn't be casting dry flies. After an hour drive on the turnpike I was on country roads and passing through a town called Normalville. The Laurel Highland hills were alive with a fresh shot of spring. The sign that reads "falling water 2 miles" was the most welcomed sight of the trip. I was home.

 Water was at a perfect early spring flow and the water clarity resembled cheap american vodka. I wanted to cast dry flies, so I tied on a white attractor pattern and hit the first pool. Few drifts in I managed a rise that produced confidence. I moved upstream at a slow pace and studied the water and stream. The mountain laurels were still droopy from a hard winter but were very green. The wind has not bad in the valley and I was wishing that I fished the 2wt bamboo. I wanted that rod a lot more after I landed my first fish.

This little guy was full of life and attacked my fly with real predatory nature. I was quick to see that these fish were eager to eat something on top. I fished this sz12 white biot body parachute style fly that is more apt for smallies on Slippery Rock Creek during the blizzard white fly hatch. There were small white butterflies along with a mess of other bugs zipping through the air all day. If I managed a good drift across likely spots it was pretty easy to rise fish. I think that my total was around a dozen.

A drizzle of rain started about the same time I realized my day could be complete. The stroll back to the truck was filled with excitement for spring. Beer and soup were waiting for me in the truck, so when I got back I sat in my private parking lot with pretty cool surroundings and meditated on my life.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Traveling Light

My studio apartment is 450 sq and I spend almost a full paycheck on it. But, I have an entire closet just for my fishing gear. That closet door is alway's open with gear spilling out and adding to the natural smells of the place. I'm on the fourth floor and hate the elevator in fear that I'll run into a hot blond while carrying stinky wading boots and odd colored fishing gear. So, I take the stairs and have several doors to contend with. When I get out of the building, there is a few block walk to the wagon before I can unload. Few key items are utilized to ensure a properly light travel:

1. fishpond- overland trail rod tube case
2. William Joseph- Escape Backpack
3. Trader Joe's- Reusable Bag
4. William Joesph- Access Pack
5. Beer- Empty Six Pack Container

These few items have really helped me get out the door for quick day trips and after work runs.

    "I learned that getting oneself properly outfitted wasn't cheap, or even acceptable in some circles. I was still married to my second wife at the time, and I can still recall the long, serious discussions over the kitchen table at two-o'clock in the morning over the relative values of three-hundred dollars' worth of fly tackle (plus eighty dollars for a bigger vest to carry it all in) and say, getting the leak in the roof fixed. The fact that I'm now single only illustrates that a sportsman of my caliber can't possibly live with someone whose ducks aren't in a row." John Giearch, Trout Bum


Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Back


I'm back after a brief stumble away from technology. Let's blame this lapse on a girl and an old computer. Well I'm back on the internet in time for the early spring fishing. It has been a long while since I caught a wild trout. It's bee longer since I caught one on a dry fly. I'm eager for the coming months fishing opportunities ! 

Spring Creek, PA