Monday, April 11, 2011

Falling Water


The forecast of thunderstorms loomed through my mind as I was making my weekend fishing plans. Sunday was absolutely the most beautiful day of the year. But I slept in Sunday, and then drank beer all day. Monday was looking like my only chance to redeem a missed chance. Thunderstorms with heavy wind were predicted to hit the town of Mill Run, PA at 11am. I rolled out of bed at 8am and went straight for the truck to head south. The steady wind that hit me as I left the apartment made the day feel light, but I knew that I would have to fish the 3wt and probably wouldn't be casting dry flies. After an hour drive on the turnpike I was on country roads and passing through a town called Normalville. The Laurel Highland hills were alive with a fresh shot of spring. The sign that reads "falling water 2 miles" was the most welcomed sight of the trip. I was home.

 Water was at a perfect early spring flow and the water clarity resembled cheap american vodka. I wanted to cast dry flies, so I tied on a white attractor pattern and hit the first pool. Few drifts in I managed a rise that produced confidence. I moved upstream at a slow pace and studied the water and stream. The mountain laurels were still droopy from a hard winter but were very green. The wind has not bad in the valley and I was wishing that I fished the 2wt bamboo. I wanted that rod a lot more after I landed my first fish.

This little guy was full of life and attacked my fly with real predatory nature. I was quick to see that these fish were eager to eat something on top. I fished this sz12 white biot body parachute style fly that is more apt for smallies on Slippery Rock Creek during the blizzard white fly hatch. There were small white butterflies along with a mess of other bugs zipping through the air all day. If I managed a good drift across likely spots it was pretty easy to rise fish. I think that my total was around a dozen.

A drizzle of rain started about the same time I realized my day could be complete. The stroll back to the truck was filled with excitement for spring. Beer and soup were waiting for me in the truck, so when I got back I sat in my private parking lot with pretty cool surroundings and meditated on my life.


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