Monday, April 25, 2011

1st Camping Trip for 2011

Few days late in writing, but was fortunate enough to have Good Friday off work. A crew of four was arranged to going fish and camp somewhere in the north-central region of PA. The big streams were blown to hell throughout the state, so the attention of fishing switched from Mayfly hatches to small streams. The biggest problem was determining in what region we could find a low key campsite and find a trout stream. Tionesta in the Allegheny Nation Forest became the target as three guys pilled into a minivan to head towards the ANF.

We pulled into the spot and had the tent up before midnight. It was easy to tell just from the drive up that it was going to be a cold night in the forest. Beers were cracked as the fire kicked into life. An amazingly clear sky lead to intense star gazing the led to several shooting-star sightings. Scotch was liberated from the car as the night grew darker. After failed attempts of cooking on the fire's coals it was time to sleep.

Woke up to near freezing temps and the sound of a pistol being fired. I knew who was shooting and laughed at my fortune. The tent was empty and cold. I stumbled around getting my bearings and recovering warmth beside the fire. As I relaxed around the fire with the guys it began to snow. It was decided that one night was enough camping. There is a stream down the road and through the forest from the camping site. It's Stream X and I can only say that is does have at least one wild brook trout in it.


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