Saturday, April 9, 2011

Traveling Light

My studio apartment is 450 sq and I spend almost a full paycheck on it. But, I have an entire closet just for my fishing gear. That closet door is alway's open with gear spilling out and adding to the natural smells of the place. I'm on the fourth floor and hate the elevator in fear that I'll run into a hot blond while carrying stinky wading boots and odd colored fishing gear. So, I take the stairs and have several doors to contend with. When I get out of the building, there is a few block walk to the wagon before I can unload. Few key items are utilized to ensure a properly light travel:

1. fishpond- overland trail rod tube case
2. William Joseph- Escape Backpack
3. Trader Joe's- Reusable Bag
4. William Joesph- Access Pack
5. Beer- Empty Six Pack Container

These few items have really helped me get out the door for quick day trips and after work runs.

    "I learned that getting oneself properly outfitted wasn't cheap, or even acceptable in some circles. I was still married to my second wife at the time, and I can still recall the long, serious discussions over the kitchen table at two-o'clock in the morning over the relative values of three-hundred dollars' worth of fly tackle (plus eighty dollars for a bigger vest to carry it all in) and say, getting the leak in the roof fixed. The fact that I'm now single only illustrates that a sportsman of my caliber can't possibly live with someone whose ducks aren't in a row." John Giearch, Trout Bum


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