Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Fishing and Galactic

I love snow but hate when it melts. When the cold weather breaks and that snow begins to rapidly melt I think about leaky roofs and cold high streams. I do not like to patch drywall on ceilings from water damage. I do not like when trout get lethargic due to snow melt water leeching into streams. But I fish whenever I can and get lucky at work.

Brian and I decided that a day chasing brook trout in the Laurel Highland Mountains was a good way to spend a Sunday. I did not investigate the local conditions because I already knew that the recent warm weather would spell trouble for the fishing. We decided the fish an old haunt of ours, Jones Mill Run. The hike into the small stream was beautiful with the sight of bare earth and tall trees. We cut off the trail once we spotted water and proceeded to set up rods and talk strategy. The water was gin clear but flowing rapidly and I could only guess it was icy cold. I picked out a slow section and thought it would be my only chance at landing a trout on a dry fly that day. I did not catch a trout in that section. I did not catch a trout all day. We halfheartedly fish up stream a mile until I found a nice log and cracked my beer.

We both knew that catching trout would be a difficult task for the day. We hiked back and had lunch at the truck before moving to Laurel Hill Creek. We noticed a few spin fisherman lined on the bank of the stream as it flows into the lake. Laurel Hill is much larger than Jones Mill and was proving that by the severe flow of water. We opted out from fishing and decided to explore the wonders of nature.

The drive home went quick because it was filled with the excitement of the evenings upcoming concert of Galactic.



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