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September 2011

gearing up for a trip

From September 17th- 22nd of 2011 I lived the dream of having nothing to do but fish. The plan seemed to come out of nowhere a week prior when I looked at the weather and decided that fall would soon be over. The summer workload had be absolutely brutal and I deserved some time off. I made a call to a buddy, BC, and he agreed to help start the trip with a day on the Little Juniata River. So after work on a Saturday I made the drive up to the town of Barre. BC was fast asleep when I rolled into the church campground but I got him up for a few cold beers. The next day came early.
Breakfast of an angler
car camping
The sluggish mind keep us from making a hasty decision as to the starting spot for the days fishing. We finally decided to head to find a spot where we had launched the boats a few summer back. I don't think we found the exact spot, but we found a good spot and got our feet wet.
nymphing in the sun
With no bug activity and perfect weather we took it easy until the afternoon when it was decided to head out in search of new water. BC made a turn that was in the right direction of the river. After a few turns, a train underpass, and a brick road we stopped before a bridge. Upon first glance at this new section the excitement started to build. Then it happened. A trout came up to the surface and ate an insect. Sulfur? Iso? Ant? Who cares. I clipped of my nymph rig and tied on a thorax style Isonychia dry fly. BC had a few hours left before heading back to Pittsburgh and took of down stream to the first riffle. He was on the board before I stepped in the water. The trout were tucked up against the back eating the occasional insect. A few casts over a riser gave me my first trout of the trip.
After a few fish, a beer, and a bunch of smiles it was time for BC to return to the rat race, leaving me alone to fish for a few days.
BC with a nice lunch
I stayed at that spot until dark before heading back to the church campground. Beers were cracked as the fire light up the night. As I climbed into the back of the truck for bed there was a sense of solitude that gave me great realization. I was alone for the next few days with nothing to do but fish.

The next day was spent again on the Little Juniata River. This time I spent all of the day up in the gorge casting Iso patterns to rising fish. That day was epic for a few reasons. Namely, because I was fishing an old bamboo fly rod. A Wright& McGill Granger -Victory.
hiking into the gorge
Little Juniata brown trout
yer pal, beer
Iso dry fly 
honey hole
The slight drizzle turned into rain about the same time my last beer was drank. It was time to head out. On the hike back I had the difficult task of deciding on tomorrows fishing destination. Stay another night? Check out some area small streams? Go to State College? New York?
last car in the lot
As I opened up the back of the truck it became clear that a proper bed would be nice. The Little J had served me well the past two days and it would be nice to try out another stream. So I booked it for my parents lake house in DuBios.
hard livin'
on the road
Treasure Lake

A hot shower and a few beers gave me the inspiration to plan an adventure up into Cameron and Potter Counties.

 I slept in and had a minor headache. So I had breakfast and took the usual trip to Spring Creek in Centre County.
clipped fin brown trout

After catching a nice amount of fish on Spring Creek I headed over to Bald Eagle State Forest to camp. I enjoyed a few beers before crashing early. The next day would hold the last adventure of the trip.

I spun the truck north west towards a campground in Sinnemahoning State Park. The drive was pleasurable, but seemed long. Within a few hours I was traveling on back roads looking for signs that did not exist. It was heaven.
limited maintenance- access road only
land of endless mountains
Autumn in PA

After the drive I found a stream.
and found these wild trout
wild brown trout
native brook trout

As the fishing day was ending I hiked back to the truck with a simple smile. I hadn't seen or heard a car or person in a half dozen hours. There were a few semi cool beers left in the cooler for the nights camping and a single can of soup for dinner. Driving to Sinnemahoning State Park I noticed a sign for an ATM. It was at a  closed tavern. The general store was open and the lady let me into the bar for cash. I also came out with a cup of cold Yeungling that I drank in the parking lot. The campground was quiet and I had a fire with damp sticks before bed. I stopped by a stream on my way out. A proper and fitting end to the trip.
this is beer trout


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