Thursday, January 12, 2012

Copper Wire

My grandfather was an electrician and avid fly fisherman. He is also a WWII Veteran, so that puts him in the area of the American Great Depression. His stories thus range from eating saltine crackers with butter to the Battle of the Bulge to that big trout that got away.

The other weekend I was telling him about my upcoming summer plans of Montana. He gave me a big thumbs up and some advice. Telling me to do it now before life takes hold. He took the cross country drive several times in his life. Trailering a popup camper, two kids and a wife, along with fishing tackle. Spinning gear produced so many cutthroat from Yellowstone Lake that he has giving them out to fellow campers.

As I started running down the list of flies that I was beginning to tie he stopped me at Copper Johns, stating he had spools of copper wire in his garage. I had recently purchase UTC wire in size large at about $2.50. When I started turning out flies it was easy to see that I needed more wire. So I took my grandfather up on his offer.

The bulk wire was not a shiny (something I like) and might have a slightly larger diameter.

In my eyes it is a major score. Changing the other features of the fly (legs, wingcase, thorax, tail, etc) while using this wire as the body will allow for several different patterns.

Can you tell the difference? I don't think the trout will mind.

Also, it feels pretty good to tie with some of grandpap's materials...



  1. Did you know you can also use old speaker wire? Just strip off the casing and untwist the copper wire inside. Works just as good as UTC.

    If you're looking for colors, check Kevin Compton has some great deals on wire. He sells large spools of it and it's way more economical than buying UTC.

  2. Nice score and another great post! Dub is right, old speaker wire is nice, but also scrap'd some out of old fans and other small appliances.


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