Monday, January 17, 2011

Hell is Heaven

today was a planned fishing trip to waters that haunt me.  i've was chasing wild trout on this water for years with a low success rate...about 1 fish towards 50 months. yet i walked the 2miles up and through the hollow to find the drainage of these trout waters. the hike presented itself with the wonders of nature:

This trail is blessed with slight hiking traffic that allows for solitude with ease. the water that follows this trail have blessed me with countless moments of utmost intensity:

Today, the water gave up no wild trout.  but i found solitude without loneliness. 


PSYCHEDELIC NIGHTMARE (Monday, January 17th)
Originally designed to be a Trippel, this Ale is a complex blend, very malty and fruity. Beware of the high alcohol content because it may cause colorful nightmares! Sorry folks, there’s a strict TWO PINT LIMIT AND NO PITCHERS…

It was Russian Czarina Catherine the Great’s voracious appetite for stout that inspired the brewers of London to create this style. Since it had to be transported across the freezing Baltic Sea, Russian imperial stout was brewed as a highly-hopped, high alcohol stout to survive the long journey. TWO PINT LIMIT AND NO PITCHERS…6.00

both beers had the taste of a cold mountain stream with the kick of a goat added!


 North Country Brewing
Burgers, burgers, burgers.  Hold the onion and don't let the pickle get near.  Locally raise beef is the source for The North Country Brewery burgers. Lots of fries. Lots of fries. Get your burger at a medium and savor its glory.

Sampled a local beer:  


I was able to taste a honey-wheat brew from Provision Brewing Company that was sourced with 2lbs. of local honey. The brewer, Craig Cowan, simply stated that this beer "just tastes good". Thanks Craig!


The day granted me the with the urge to explore nature more. Winter can be a tough time for outdoor recreation but the need for exploration should be fulfilled. I guess it's time to plan more simple day trips out and about in western PA.


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