Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I got a vise

A natural progression usually unfolds for fly fisherman. They start. Love it. By a nice rod and real. Tie flies. The progression can quickly become an addiction. I was always on the fence about tying flies. I could stop at a shop and buy flies. Then I tied a few and started catching fish on them. I managed to scrap up tools and materials to get me started in the tying world. But I have come to the point of addiction.

The vise plays a large part in the tying process. Many anglers start with a very basic vise that does the job nicely with basic flies. As the progression continues there is usually a need to upgrade the vise. Search any fly fishing forum and you will see countless threads about "getting a new vise". There are a lot of choices. I had been tying on a loaned Regal Medallion for the past few months. It had amazing clamping power but lacked the true rotary feature. The Regal was also rather ugly in my eyes.

The Regal did the job well and I was really glad to use it for so long.

I decided to order a new vice for Christmas. I received it last night.
It is a Renzetti Traveler 2200.

I had tied on this vise in the C-clamp version many times. The vise had always been my favorite because it was the vise my troutbum buddy tied on for years.

It is now time to start tying dry flies.


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