Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grannom Caddis

The snowy conditions of Western PA has brought me towards thoughts of spring. Warmer days sound nice. The Brachycentrus hatch can come in large numbers in the early spring and is a great opportunity for anglers to catch trout on dry flies. The Brachycentrus, Grannom Caddis, has been on my mind the last few days. These bugs look cool:

I decided that tying up a few patterns would help spark my interest in the hatch. Tying also helps me cure the itch of cabin fever. I managed to knock out a few peacock soft hackle, cased caddis nymphs and a dark elk hair caddis.
The nymphs came first with traditional Green Weenie patterns with and without beadheads. Also, I took a classic Peasant Tail pattern and added all the dark olive and green materials I could.
The wet flies came as a slight challenge because partridge hackle is rather new for me. I whipped out a few dark hungarian partridge and peacock on size 16 pupa hooks and also on size 14 TMC 2457 hooks. All the flies look solid for catching fish.
I wanted to have a few dry fly patterns strictly from Grannom hatches. I have a few rows of Elk Hair Caddis in different sizes, styles and colors. I did size 16 TMC with a peacock body with a mix of dark moose and elk hairs.

I'm not sure where I will be fishing the hatch this year. But think that the Little Juniata, Penn's, Oil, Neshannock and others will be considered.

Wait a few months and hopefully my bugs will produce a few trout.


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