Friday, January 21, 2011

This could easily be you.

The Orvis Company has survived on account of a quality foundation that includes catelougs and advertsing. The Company boasts wonderful customer service that have gained them a cult following of shoppers. I don't own a stitch of Orvis but that is not because I don't like them. If an Orvis Wes Jordan rod was in my budget I would own one.

The Orvis ad on the back of FlyRod&Reel's winter 2011 issue caught my eye. My brain went wild with imagination as I scanned the ad. It entails a healthy smiled lady holding onto a 20+ inch char. One can tell that she finds great enjoyment in angling and probably is an accomplished one. The char was amazing with a healthy smile for the photo. But, it was the guide that really captured my imagination. He was a better looking guy than me and was living my dream. My guess is that he is 5 years older than me, so I have a few years to fulfill my dream.

The ad is for the new "high performance fly fishing [rod]" that is "called Access for a reason". The Access rod look sweet on the orvis site


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