Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Browns, Berries, and Beatles

Geo and I headed up to Howard, PA Saturday evening to camp and get into position for Sundays fishing. Landed the historic T-10 site at Bald Eagle State Park. Enjoyed a nice fire and a few chilled beers. The Bells Oarsmen and Dales Pale Ales gave us the confidence that would be needed for the next day of fishing. Geo had a personal grudge with these finicky trout that he was sure to fulfill.

After a few hours of sleep I noticed the sun was rising and the sound of boats out on the lake. Bass fisherman can be pretty serious. The drive to the stream was short and the parking lot looked low. We hit a few of the first runs and riffles with nymph rigs and each got on the board. Geo had on a fish that would have really made the day. The sun was rising and the temperature grew as we started moving downstream. On the venture downstream we noticed the wild berries that became a key part of the day. Those treats sucked the last of the hangover from our brains. Hunger set in about the same time the heat became overwhelming.

Wet wading was a great relief for the afternoon. We decided it best to head way downstream and see about terrestrial fishing. The terrestrial fishing was slow at first but it was nice to prospect the banks with dry flies. I managed a small fish on a Letort cricket. Geo put on a beetle pattern from Montana and started hitting some slow water in the shade. I watched a nice fish crush that beetle. He moved a few more fish on the pattern before we decided to head home.

On the walk back to the truck we decided to stop a few times and make a few casts. This seems to always happen and tacks on an extra hour of fishing. We came up to a small riffle that held a nice size fish rising. Geo put the three flies over that fish and I think fooled him once. Never managed to hook him but a perfect way to end the day.

Trico's should be in swing for the next trip in two weeks.


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