Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canned Beer and Blue Wing Olives


I have been reading the famous Trout Bum by John Geirach the past few days. He is from the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. His stories fill my mind with thoughts of the Western flyfishing opportunities. As the rain drizzles here in Pittsburgh I start to think about the weekends fishing. Spring Creek has about dropped back down to average from the recent snow melt and rains, but State College is predicted to get steady rain through the night and into Sunday. I want to fish a blue wing olive hatch with a 7&1/2 foot cane rod in Colorado.

Well I went to get beer for the weekend fishing trip and stumbled about the store looking at boxes and price tags. I wanted a beer that I've never had before and ran into something half interesting. I flipped the box around looking for a brewing location but never found one. What I did notice was a heavy bit of dust that layered the top of the box. I did another stumble through the rows of boxes and landed on a bottom shelf beauty

Lyons, Colorado is on my top ten list of places to visit before I die. Twin Bridges, Montana is also on that list. You can cross MIO, Michigan off the list.

I'm making an effort to hit the vise daily and tie something. It's an expensive vise that needs to be used. My sulfur kick was still evident, so I tied a few sz. 14 hackled spinners. I looked at the sz. 20 hooks and decided that bwo's would be hatching soon and a few extra patterns would be nice. I landed on a CDC d-loop pattern that looks like a winner.


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